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"You are the sky,

everything else is just the weather."-Pema Chodron

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About Suzanne Slade 

Suzanne is a certified Yoga Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor based in NYC. 

As a Doula, she has attended over 200 births and has worked for years assisting families in postpartum care. As a CLC, Suzanne will help with lactation and feeding so that you can care for your newborn with ease and confidence. She will also help create a schedule that will work with your family as you navigate this new journey.

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As a yoga therapist, Suzanne works with new parents to reconnect to their bodies before and after labor. During pregnancy, old injuries may flare up while working with a new body that is changing every day. Yoga therapy can help ease those aches with different exercises to add to your daily practice. In the postpartum period, pelvic floor and transverse abdominis muscles will need attention. Aide your healing by adding exercises to your daily practice. Babies also need love. I teach infant massage that will help calm your newborn while easing muscle tension and helping with digestion.

Reiki is an important practice to take the daily stresses, aches and pains, and stuck energy out of the body. We start with a mild yoga nidra "talk down" meditation, then using hands on healing or palm healing (non-touch) to de-stress and reconnect. 

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